Pursuant to Senate Bill 1, 2021 Extraordinary Session, districts are required to submit their current COVID-19 School Operations Plan and any subsequent drafts to KDE for informational purposes.
Districts may submit their plans to KDE using this form.

Assessment Support

Meetings and Trainings

Published: 11/10/2021 1:13 PM

​The Division of Assessment and Accountability Support (DAAS) provides opportunities for District Assessment Coordinators (DACs), Building Assessment Coordinators (BACs), Directors of Special Education (DoSEs), Professional Development Coordinators and other interested individuals to receive information and practice with score interpretation, data analysis, test administration and the regulations governing Kentucky's Assessment and Accountability Program. ​

Assessment Program Trainings

In collaboration with assessment vendors, DAAS provides trainings and resources to support DACs and BACs with policies, procedures, assessment products, etc.

ACCESS For ELLs and W-APT Trainings

Alternate K-PREP Trainings

Assessment Administration Regulation Trainings

Kindergarten Screen Trainings

Trainings for ACT State Administration

Trainings for K-PREP Administration

2021 Back-to-School Trainings

2021 QC Day Training

2021 February DAC Meeting Trainings and Resources

The videos for each presentation are located on the DAC Training Series page in the KDE Media Portal. Links to the individual PowerPoints are in each section below with supporting resources, if applicable. These materials are also available via a Google drive.

Feb DAC Meeting Q&A Checklist

DAC Training Series Videos 

Alternate K-PREP

State Testing Accommodations


High School

PearsonAccessnext and TestNav


Test Security

DAC Monthly Webcasts

On the second Thursday of each month, DAAS hosts a Monthly DAC Webcast. The most current topics in KDE assessment and accountability are on the agenda.


Jan. 2021 PowerPoint & Jan. 2021 Video

Topics: 2021 Tentative Test Windows Overview, ACT Spring State Administration, Alternate K-PREP Updates, Feb. DAC Meetings, House Joint Resolution 8, Kentucky Accountability System

Feb. 2021 PowerPoint & Feb. 2021 Video

Topics: ACT Test Schedule Options and Considerations, ACCESS/Alternate ACCESS Updates, K-PREP Kentucky Portal, K-PREP Accommodated Practice Items, Quality of School Climate and Safety and Opportunity to Learn Survey, Assessment and Accountability Updates

March 2021 PowerPoint & March 2021 Video

Topics: Regulation Changes, ACCESS Updates, SDRR Updates, ACT Testing Updates, CTE Updates, K-Screen Updates, K-PREP and Alternate K-PREP Important Reminders, Assessment and Accountability Updates, including Tentative Social Studies Field Test and the Accountability Waiver

April 2021 PowerPoint & April 2021 Video

Topics: End-of-Course (EOC) Reminders, ACT Reminders, K-Screen Updates, ESSA State Waiver

May 2021 DAC Webcast Canceled

June 2021 PowerPoint & June 2021 Video

Topics: Kentucky Coalition for Advancing Education, Regulations for Public Comment, KDE Web Applications Login, Spring 2021 Testing Reminders, End-of-Course State Assessments, K-Screen Updates 

July 2021 PowerPoint & July 2021 Video

Topics: Speech-to-Text Pilot, Interim Assessment Research Study, K-Screen Updates, Regulation 703 KAR 5:270 Update, Upcoming Data Review

August 2021 PowerPoint & August 2021 Video 

Topics: Name Change! Kentucky Summative Assessment and Alternate Kentucky Summative Assessment, Speech-to-Text Pilot/Introduction, K Screen Updates, Data Review Reminders, School Report Card Past Reporting and What’s Different, Back to School Trainings 

Topics: Updated and Additional Data after Regulatory Review, ACT Parental Consent Policy, K Screen Reminders, Alternate Kentucky Summative Assessment - Window #1

November 2021 PowerPoint  & November 2021 Video​ 

Topics: Assessment, Accountability and Reporting Resources, Alternate Assessment Reminders, Administration Code/Inclusion of Special Populations Training Materials, End-of-Course Updates, ACT Trainings Reminders, 


Jan. PowerPoint & Jan. Video

Topics: Quality of School Climate and Safety Survey, Field Test Updates and Resources, 2020 February/March DAC Meetings, ACT Updates, SRC Regulation Amendment

February Canceled

March PowerPoint & March Video - [Updates since video created]
Topics: Online Field Test, COVID-19 & State Testing [K-PREP Materials held due to school closures], Legislative Update, Sample Items, K-Screen [Face to Face Trainings Canceled], ACCESS for ELLs: Pre-Reporting Validation

April 16 - April PowerPoint & April Video

Topics: State Waiver, ACT Testing, KDE COVID-19 Information, K Screen Materials and Training, KAS Online Field Test Survey, Social Studies Fall Field Test

May 14 - May PowerPoint & May Video

Topics: Senate Bill 158 Updates, Social Studies Fall Field Testing, Alternate Assessment Targets, Spring 2020 Field Test Findings

June 10 - June PowerPoint & June Video

Topics: Alternate Assessment Updates, SAPRC Members Appointed, ACT Fall Testing, Evaluating Students Guidance Document

July Canceled

August 13 - Aug. PowerPoint & Aug. Video

Topics: ACT Update, Aug. KBE Topics, Fall Reporting, Social Studies Field Test, Back-to-School Trainings

Sept. 10 - Sept. PowerPoint & Sept. Video

Topics: Fall Reporting, ACT Reminders and Updates, Administration Code and Inclusion of Special Populations Virtual and Face-to-Face Trainings, Bias Review Update, Scorable Practice Tests

Oct. 8 - Oct. PowerPoint & Oct. Video

KBE Comparison of Federal and State Accountability Requirements

Topics: Update on the Development of Accountability System, Fall ACT Testing, Public Reporting Timeline, School Report Card, Assessment and Accountability Calendar

Nov. 12 - Nov. PowerPoint & Nov. Video

Topics: Update from KBE Meeting, Update on State Assesssments, K Screen Reports, End of Course, ACT, Tribute

Dec. 10 - Dec. PowerPoint & Dec. Video

Topics: ACCESS/Alternate ACCESS for ELLs Testing Schedule and Logistics, Alternate Assessment Resources for Instruction, EOC Exam, ACT Spring 2021 Administration, KBE December 2, 2020 Update Questions and Answers

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