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Full-Service Community Schools

Published: 7/2/2024 8:17 AM

​​​​​The Kentucky Community School Initiative (KCSI) seeks to create better outcomes for Kentucky students and to reduce barriers to learning. Beginning in the 2023-2024 school year, 20 districts and 40 schools from across the state will participate in this five-year, transformative initiative to implement full service community schools.

The Learning Policy Institute defines community schools as an evidence-based strategy to advance equity and reduce barriers to learning by providing the services needed to support student and family well-being. Through trusting relationships and well-coordinated supports, community schools ensure that students receive the health, social service, and learning opportunities they need to be successful.

Each community school is a unique representation of the community’s needs and resources.  No two community schools will look exactly alike, as no two communities are identical.

KCSI aims to embed the four pillars of community schools, tailored to the local need and resources.

The four pillars are as follows:

  • Active family and community engagement
  • Expanded and enriched learning times
  • Integrated supports
  • Collaborative leadership and practices to support high-quality teaching

Embedded within the four pillars are pipeline services for students and families.

  • ​Encouraging family and community involvement
  • Community based support for students
  • High quality early education programs
  • High quality education programs both inside and outside the classroom
  • Helping students smoothly transition between different school levels
  • Support post-secondary and workforce readiness
  • Social, health, nutrition and mental health services
  • Juvenile crime prevention and rehabilitation programs​


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