Pursuant to Senate Bill 1, 2021 Extraordinary Session, all Kentucky public school districts are required to submit their current COVID-19 School Operations Plan and any subsequent drafts to the Kentucky Department of Education for informational purposes. Districts may submit their plans to KDE using this form.

Model Curriculum Framework

Kentucky Model Curriculum Framework

Published: 3/2/2020 3:25 PM

​In March 2009, Kentucky’s General Assembly passed Senate Bill 1. Passage of this bill requires the design and development of a state-level model curriculum framework.​​


The Kentucky Model Curriculum Framework has been revised and is available on the Standards Resources webpage on KYstandards.org.


Section 1. KRS 158.6451​ (2)The Kentucky Board of Education shall disseminate to local school districts and schools a model curriculum framework which is directly tied to the goals, outcomes, and assessment strategies developed pursuant to this section and KRS 158.645 and 158.64​53. The framework shall identify teaching and assessment strategies, instructional material resources, ideas on how to incorporate the resources of the community, a directory of model teaching sites, alternative ways of using school time, and strategies to incorporate character education throughout the curriculum.”

Please email the Standards team if you have any questions.

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