Continuous Improvement Visits (CIV) and Technical Assistance Visits (TTA)

Continuous Improvement Visits (CIV) and Technical Assistance Visits (TA)

Published: 3/18/2024 12:25 PM

CIV Overview

The KY Office of Career and Technical Education (OCTE) was designated to manage program assessment for secondary career and technical education (CTE) programs by a 2000 legislative initiative. The program assessment initiative was retired in the spring of 2016 after fifteen years of driving CTE program improvement. The fall of 2016 started a new process: Continuous Improvement Visits (CIV).

The CIV is based on data, not documentation. No organized documentation or standards document is used for CIV. Data is collected from various sources including TEDS and Teacher/Principal Surveys. The CIV process is designed to drive continuous improvement by enhancing the effectiveness of Continuous School Improvement Plans (CSIP) and Program Improvement Plans (PIP).

TA Overview

The Technical Assistance (TA) is an effort to provide improved support to career and technical education programs. The Office of Career and Technical Education (OCTE) is committed to offering technical assistance to support programs in increasing the percentage of students reaching preparatory status and career ready benchmarks.

The OCTE will make use of enrollment and career readiness data from TEDS to identify programs for TA visits. OCTE consultants want to visit with teachers, spend time in the classrooms/labs and determine specific areas where teachers need assistance. The goal is for OCTE consultants to use this time to better identify and assist teachers at the program level to improve student outcomes.

​CIV Documents

CIV Process 2019-2020


TA Documents

   None at this time

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