Federal Programs and Instructional Equity

Federal Programs and Instructional Equity

Published: 8/2/2022 3:56 AM
  • Homeschool

    For a variety of academic and non-academic factors, some parents believe in the benefits of homeschooling their child. While professional educators urge extreme caution to those proceeding with this often overwhelming challenge, it is imperative that parents and guardians opting for a homeschool environment equip themselves with the knowledge, information, contacts and legal obligations pertaining to the establishment and daily operation needed for compliance.
  • Methods of Administration for Civil Rights Monitoring

    ​The U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights (OCR), requires the Kentucky Department of Education to conduct site visits as part of its Vocational Education Methods of Administration civil rights compliance of districts that receive federal funding.  On-site reviews are based on U.S. Department of Education regulations implementing Title VI (34 CFR, Part 100), Title IX (34 CFR, Part 106), Section 504 (34 CFR, Part 104), and the Department of Justice regulations implementing Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) (28 CFR, Part 35), as well as the Guidelines for Eliminating Discrimination and Denial of Services on the Basis of Race, Color, National Origin, Sex and Disability in Vocational Education Programs (34 CFR, Part 100, Appendix B).

  • Non-Public Schools

    ​​​​​The Kentucky constitution establishes the prerogatives of the parents to choose the formal education for the child. Therefore, parents may choose to have their child educated in a non-public school of their choice.

  • Teacher Loan Repayment

    ​There are several opportunities for teachers to receive loan forgiveness or cancellation. Kentucky Department of Education’s role in teacher lo​​an repayment is to answer questions and provide information regarding the programs. For more information about any of the programs listed on this page, please consult MOHELA – the official servicer for Federal Student Loan Aid. You may also refer to Loan Repayment Frequently Asked Questions. The corresponding regulatory provisions for each program can be found on the right-hand side of the page, under Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).

    It is important to note that a student loan borrower's forgiveness program may not be binding in some circumstances and could be rescinded.

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