Comprehensive Support and Improvement/Educational Recovery

2022-2023 Diagnostic Reviews

Published: 3/30/2023 3:28 PM
​​​​​​This page provides the diagnostic review reports conducted during the 2022-2023 school year.

Bellevue Independent Schools

Grandview Elementary School, Bellevue Independent Schools

Carroll County Schools

Carroll County Middle School

Christian County Schools

Freedom Elementary, Christian County

Covington Independent Schools

Holmes High School​, Covington Independent Schools

Fayette County Public Schools

Harrison Elementary School, Fayette County Public Schools

William Wells Brown Elementary​, Fayette County Public Schools

Jefferson County Public Schools

Dixie Elementary School​, Jefferson County Public Schools​

Foster Traditional Academy​, Jefferson County Public Schools​​

Frederick Law Olmstead Academy North, Jefferson County Public Schools

Frederick Law Olmstead Academy South, Jefferson County Public Schools​​

Iroquois High, Jefferson County Public Schools

Indian Trail Elementary, Jefferson County Public Schools

Kerrick Elementary, Jefferson County Public Schools

Marion C Moore High School, Jefferson County Public Schools

Marion C Moore Middle School, Jefferson County Public Schools

Maupin Elementary, Jefferson County Public Schools

McFerran Preparatory Academy, Jefferson County Public Schools

Sanders Elementary, Jefferson County Public Schools

Semple Elementary, Jefferson County Public Schools

Shelby Academy, Jefferson County Public Schools​

Stuart Academy​​​, Jefferson County Public Schools​​

The Academy @ Shawnee (High School)​, Jefferson County Public Schools

The Academy @ Shawnee (Middle School)​, Jefferson County Public Schools​

Thomas Jefferson Middle​, Jefferson County Public Schools

Western High School​, Jefferson County Public Schools

Wilkerson Elementary School​​​, Jefferson County Public Schools

Jenkins Independent Public Schools

Jenkins Independent Elementary

Knott County Public Schools

Beaver Creek Elementary, Grades K-5, Knott County

Beaver Creek Elementary, Grades 6-8​, Knott County​

Nelson County Public Schools

Foster Heights Elementary School, Nelson County

The New Haven School​, Nelson County​​

Newport Independent Schools

Newport High School, Grades 7-8​, Newport Independent

Warren County Public Schools

Warren Elementary​​​, Warren County Public Schools

Wolfe County Public Schools

Red River Elementary School​, Wolfe County


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