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Trauma-Informed Practices

Published: 6/28/2024 8:35 AM

I​​n 2019, the Kentucky General Assembly passed the School Safety and Resiliency Act, commonly known as Senate Bill 1 or SB1 (2019). This Act affected multiple statutes regarding school safety and student resiliency. Requirements for trauma-informed approaches in education are outlined in the Act and detailed on this page.

​​​District Trauma-Informed Education Plans

Pursuant to KRS 158.4416, each local board of education must develop a plan for implementing a trauma-informed approach in its schools by July 1, 2021. At a minimum, the plan shall include strategies for:

  • ​Enhancing trauma awareness throughout the school community;
  • Conducting an assessment of the school climate, including but not limited to inclusiveness and respect for diversity;
  • Developing trauma-informed discipline policies;
  • Collaborating with the Department of Kentucky State Police, the local sheriff, and the local chief of police to create procedures for notification of trauma-exposed students; and
  • Providing services and programs designed to reduce the negative impact of trauma, support critical learning, and foster a positive and safe school environment for every student.

Local boards of education are strongly encouraged to use this template to submit their plans to ensure they address all required components and may use their own discretion when determining the format, goals, and procedures for their plans. Similarly, local boards of education may establish their own timelines for implementing and monitoring their plans. KDE’s Trauma-Informed Toolkit provides resources to help identify appropriate strategies to address the required plan elements. 

2024-2025 Trauma-Informed District Plans can be uploaded to KDE by utilizing the District Trauma-Informed Plans Survey​.

Trauma-Informed Toolkit

KRS 158.4416 requires KDE to make available a toolkit that includes guidance, strategies, behavioral interventions, practices, and techniques to assist school ​districts and in developing a trauma-informed approach in schools. The following tools are designed to assist in this process:


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