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Student Discipline Guidelines and Model Policies

Published: 3/8/2024 1:18 PM

​Student Discipline Guidelines and model policies are published here in fulfillment of KRS 158.148(2)(c), which requires the Kentucky Department of Education to distribute, in even-numbered years, student discipline guidelines as well as model policies implementing the following Kentucky Revised Statutes: 158.148, 158.156, 158.162158.444, 525.070, and 525.080.

Student Discipline Guidelines​ (2022)

Assaults and Threats of Violence (A09.425)

Bullying/Hazing (A09.422)

Employee Reports of Criminal Activity (A09.2211)

Guidance on 704 KAR 7:170, Corporal Punishment

Harassment/Discrimination (A09.42811)

Student Discipline Code (A09.438)

Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy (A09.428111)

Trauma-Informed Approach ​(A09.43)

Request for Assistance and/or Training

Schools and districts seeking assistance from the Division of Student Success, Safe and Supportive Schools Branch can complete the Request for Assistance and/or​ Training​ form. A program consultant will respond in a timely fashion when the request has been submitted.​​

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