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Two-Day Progress Monitoring Visit

Published: 8/2/2022 3:58 AM

Two Day Progress Monitoring Visits are designed to provide feedback to comprehensive, targeted, and/or additional targeted support and improvement schools regarding progress on improving student performance and to inform continuous improvement processes leading to higher levels of student achievement, as well as ongoing improvement in the conditions that support learning.

The report reflects the team’s analysis of a selection of Cognia’s Performance Standards. The findings are supported by an examination of the following:

  • a review of the most recent deficiencies and/or improvement priorities (IP)
  • examination of an array of student performance data
  • Executive Summary, Needs Assessment, and other diagnostics completed in eProve during the improvement planning cycle
  • school and classroom observations using the Effective Learning Environment Observation Tool (ELEOT)
  • a review of documents and artifacts
  • an examination of stakeholder and Impact Kentucky Working Conditions survey data
  • principal and stakeholder interviews

The monitoring report includes…
  • ratings for selected Cognia’s Performance Standards,
  • listing of evidence examined to determine the rating, and
  • Powerful Practices (level 4) and Improvement Priorities (level 1 or 2) with narrative explanations or rationale based on data and information gathered or examined by the team
To obtain copies of the Two Day Progress Monitoring Visit reports that have been provided to the schools and/or districts, contact Ruth Swanson.

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