Design and Deliver Assessment Literacy

Design and Deliver Assessment Literacy

Published: 11/6/2023 1:09 PM

Assessment Literacy for Principals

Principals play a critical role in building and supporting assessment literacy. 

R.J. Stiggins (2006) defines assessment literacy as comprising two skills

  • the ability to gather dependable and quality information about student achievement and 

  • the ability to use information effectively to maximize student achievement.

Educators know that assessment plays a large role in effective practice and are adept at gathering information about student achievement. Principals help most by having the knowledge and skills needed to help staff use the assessment process and its results effectively to improve achievement.

This page is designed to help principals do just that. It guides principals and helps determine an entry point to learning. Use of the diagnostic, combined with a deep application of a clear plan and appropriate resources will help principals ensure the development and use of instructionally relevant assessment in schools.


Reference the Assessment Literacy for Principals interactive diagnostic tool. Use the rubric to determine the school’s current level of assessment literacy implementation, develop a school level response to this determination, then download the hyperlinked resources in the diagnostic tool to use to meet the learning needs of the principal and his or her team. 

Standards-Based Grading in Lincoln County

The Standards-Based Grading YouTube video featuring Joanna Stevens, teacher and content lead at Lincoln County High School, describes how she assesses learning targets through standards-based grading. She shares how students benefit from remediation and intervention systems when not mastering a standard, and how this allows students to self-assess. (Total time 1:41)


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