Current Projects and Initiatives

Published: 8/10/2023 9:46 AM

​The Division of Innovative Learning has been working to support the vision of United We Learn.​ The following projects and initiatives are the division's current efforts to create more vibrant learning experiences for students, encourage innovation in our schools, and create a bold new future through collaboration with communities. ​

​Local Laboratories of Learning (L3s)

The Kentucky Department of Education, the Center for Innovation in Education (C!E)​, and the Kentucky Board of Education have partnered together to establish three cohorts of Laboratories of Learning (L3s) that will be involved in the design of a new assessment and accountability system and pilot any newly created systems. L3s share a history and culture of transformative change that is understood and accepted in the district and community. These community-based partnerships aim to create a more equitable future for education in Kentucky through an inclusive co-design process. Through these efforts, districts and community members will create a system of assessment and accountability that reflects the diversity of the students, families, and communities it represents. L3s will develop a new approach to assessment and accountability in the state of Kentucky by: 

      • Cohort 1(Launched Fall 2021): Allen, Jefferson, Frankfort Independent, Fleming, Shelby, Logan, Johnson 

      • Cohort 2 (Launched Spring 2022): Berea Independent, Boone, Bullitt, Corbin Independent, Lawrence, Greenup, 

      • Cohort 3 (Launch Fall 2022): Carter, Floyd, Washington, Rowan, LaRue

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Project-Based Learning with PBLWorks

The Scaling Gold Standard PBL Kentucky initiative is a multi-year partnership that aims to scale high quality project-based learning to one-third of Kentucky’s public schools. PBLWorks’ Kentucky National Faculty team will facilitate gold standard workshops in all educational cooperatives across the state. In addition, participating schools will receive PBLWorks’ Gold Standard PBL 101 training and ongoing support for their teachers to begin (or continue) implementing high-quality projects with students. The Scaling Gold Standard PBL Kentucky initiative provides training and support to Kentucky educators, principals, and district leaders through a blend of face-to-face workshops, personal online coaching, school site visits and deep collaboration via a peer network of fellow Kentucky PBL leaders. The Kentucky PBL Leader Network, the first leader cohort in the state, launched in November 2021. The next Kentucky Leader cohort launched in March 2022 and concludes in January 2023 with more leader cohorts to be announced. 

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Math Badging & Student Micro-Credentials

In partnership with XQ Institute, the Kentucky Center for Mathematics (KCM)​, Whiteboard Advisors, and the Kentucky Department of Education, seven districts (Allen, Berea Independent, Bullitt, Carter, Corbin Independent, Jefferson, and Johnson) are working with multi-state partners to align and implement student micro-credentials into their current Algebra I programs. The goal of this two-year pilot is to improve math outcomes and advance equity through: stronger alignment to math needed for secondary, post secondary, and career success; students demonstrating knowledge not captured by traditional grades; opportunities to develop and reinforce math knowledge and skills; validate learning outside of the classroom through work-based and other applied learning; and customization that engages students with math directly relation to college and career interests. 

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Innovative Teacher Fellowship 

There are many schools and districts in Kentucky implementing learner-centered practices and trailblazing innovative strategies. At the heart of these practices are the teachers who guide, build relationships with, and support Kentucky’s students. The purpose of the Innovative Teacher Fellowship is to connect the vision of the KY Innovative Learning Network with on-the-ground practice and learning. Teachers in this cohort participate in professional learning, collaboration, project planning, and implementation in order to facilitate the 3 Big Ideas unveiled by Kentucky stakeholders in the Kentucky Department of Education’s United We Learn report.

These ideas center 1) vibrant learning experiences, 2) innovation in assessment, and 3) community engagement and partnerships. The projects that the Innovative Teacher Fellowship members plan and implement will put these big ideas into action for the benefit of students and education in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 

To apply, complete the KY ILN Innovative Teacher Fellowship Application.  Deadline to apply for 2023-2024 is 4PM (ET) Friday, September 22, 2023. 

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