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Student Information System-Alternative Education Programs and ILPA

Published: 4/16/2024 2:09 PM
​​This page provides data standards and instructions for use of the Individual Learning Plan Addendum (ILPA) in Infinite Campus.  The data standards also provide school detail standards for off-site alternative education programs and course detail standards for on-site alternative education programs.

Please note that the ILPA in Infinite Campus is required for all students transitioning into a district-operated alternative education program including onsite, A5 and A6 programs for long term placement as defined by the local district. 

Alternative Education Programs/ILPA Data Standards

Alternative Education Programs/ILPA Training PowerPoint

ILPA Walkthrough PowerPoint​

Resources for use of ILPA in Infinite Campus:
ILPA User Security Instruction

ILPA Set-up Instruction

ILPA Team Member District Assignment Instruction

Alternative education programs that serve students from outside districts should reference the Alternative Education Programs/Out of District Services data standards.

KECSAC facilities should reference the Alternative Education Programs/KECSAC Data Standards and the KECSAC Membership Report guidance document. Districts are required to verify KECSAC data throughout the year.
All programs should reference the Student Records Transfer Data Standards to ensure policies and procedures are in place to transfer student data in a timely manner.

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