Common Kindergarten Entry Screener

Published: 4/3/2024 8:59 AM

​​​​Kentucky's Common Kindergarten Entry Screener, the BRIGANCE Early Childhood Kindergarten Screen III, provides a quick and accurate assessment of a child's development in five areas: Academic/Cognitive, Language, Development, Physical Development, Self-Help and Social-Emotional Development.

The Common Kindergarten Entry Screener (704 KAR 5:070)​ is aligned with Kentucky's School Readiness Definition and the Kentucky Early Childhood Standards​​.​​​​​​​​​​

Training and Resources​

Communications - K SCREEN Update

  • March 2023 K Screen Update​ - Online Ordering for the 2023-2024 School Year, K Screen Train the Trainers for New Staff, Prior Settings Form for Kindergarten Registration
  • May 2023 K Screen Update​ - BRIGANCE K Screen Refresh Webcast Now Available, K Screen Train the Trainers for New Staff, K Screen 2023-2024 Staff File Submission Deadline June 16

Screener Forms

Ordering Information

The 2024-2025 materials ordering window closes March 29, 2024. The Office of Assessment and Accountability and Curriculum Associates cannot guarantee late or supplemental orders will arrive before the screening window. Please review the directions contained within the Google Form for ordering. Please contact Lisa Jett if you have questions. 

Staff File Submissions 

The 2022-2023 staff file window closed June 15 2022.​ Please contact Lisa Jett if you have any questions​

Kindergarten Screen Data

​Kindergarten Screen data from 2017 to present can be found on the Kentucky School Report Card.

The result of the K Screen assessment is based on the composite score calculation of the Brigance Screen III Core Assessment. Information on the K Screen Composite Score Calculation process can be found in the K Screen Composite Score Calulation Guide.

Pilot Year Data

The only year's data that will not be found on Open House is the pilot year, 2012. 

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