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Published: 12/11/2023 9:38 AM

​​​​​​​  ​The Alternate Kentucky Summative Assessment (AKSA) is the assessment provided to Kentucky students with the most severe cognitive disabilities. There are several important documents, trainings and other resources related to the Alternate Kentucky Summative Assessment. This page provides information and resources on the SRD and Career Readiness, Attainment Task and Science Progression to assist students participating in the Alternate assessment. 

​Alternate KSA Systems

The Alternate Kentucky Summative Assessment Systems homepage which houses the Online Training System (OTS), Student Registration Database (SRD) and the Career Readiness Database (CRD) has been closed for security updates. These updates will require everyone needing access to register in the system as a new user and provide a detailed password with security questions. The intention of these security updates will focus on reducing online security attacks and attempts to breach student information. 

​Alternate Kentucky Summative Assessment Combined Overview/Attainment Tasks Training

These training modules are a requirement for administration of the Attainment Tasks which is part of the Kentucky Alternate Assessment.

The Overview training includes information that is pertinent to both components of the alternate assessment and provides an overview of the entire system. Important information covered in these trainings include grade level requirements and an orientation to the various assessment materials.

The Attainment Tasks (AT) training is a requirement for the certified teacher administering the two Attainment Task testing windows to any student participating in Kentucky's Alternate Assessment. This training includes specific information regarding content areas tested, accommodations permitted, simplification of materials, proper handling of secure materials and what to do after an assessment window ends.

Alternate Kentucky Summative Assessment Transition​​​ Attainment Record Trainings​

The Transition Attainment Record (TAR) assessment is designed to provide students with severe cognitive disabilities access to modified standards aligned to Kentucky's Academic Standards. The TAR meets the testing requirements for ACT (grade 11).

The TAR is a checklist based assessment which evaluates the student's readiness in reading/writing, mathematics and science.

The TAR represents the college readiness benchmark at grade 11 for Alternate Assessment students.

Alternate KSA Science Progressions for Elementary, Middle and High School.

Earth Science

Engineering and Technology​

Life Science 1

Life Science 2

Physical Science 1

Physical Science 2

Alternate Kentucky Summative Assessment Abbreviations​

​AT - Attainment Tasks

LCI - Learner Characteristics Inventory

SDRR - Student Data Review and Reporting Application

SRD - Student Registration Database

TAR - Transition Attainment Record​​​​


AKSA PLD Grade 3

AKSA PLD Grade 4​

AKSA PLD Grade 5

AKSA PLD Grade 6

AKSA PLD Grade 7

AKSA PLD Grade 8

AKSA PLD Grade 10

AKSA PLD Grade 11 ​​​​​

Alternate Kentucky Summative Assessment (AKSA) Released Items

​The released Alternate Kentucky Summative Assessment (AKSA) items are examples of the use of the Kentucky Academic Standards in the Alternate Assessment and the application of the Alternate ​Assessment targets for the purpose of assessment. The items and statistics presented represent the performance of students in the 2020-2021 assessment cycle, the first year that the AKSA utilized items from the newly enacted content standards in Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Social Studies. Development of assessment items is an ongoing process that takes approximately eighteen months from the initial stakeholder item writing to the use of the item in an assessment.  Following the same procedures, new items are developed to replenish the item bank on an ongoing basis.


2020-2021 AKSA Released Items District/School Test Item Reports and Data Details




Social Studies



2021-2022 AKSA Released Items District/School Test Item Reports and Data Details ​​​




Social Studies​


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