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Published: 8/2/2022 3:59 AM

The Instructional Transformation Project is an opportunity for school districts in Kentucky to increase student achievement through professional learning that:  

  • advances implementation of the Kentucky Academic Standards,

  • deepens understanding of next generation assessment systems,

  • aligns to promote growth through Kentucky's Framework for Personel Evaluation.

  • and promotes and captures the contributions of teacher leaders in progressive ways.

We believe that educator effectiveness and leadership hold the keys to improved student outcomes.

Educator effectiveness is deeper than just lesson planning. By strengthening teacher leadership, aligning instructional design to Kentucky's academic standards and encouraging professional learning, we can transform entire school systems. That's why this initiative from the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) is called the Instructional Transformation Project.

Instructional Transformation Effectiveness Coaches provide personalized coaching for school administrators and teachers to increase educator effectiveness and improve student outcomes. The coaching support enhances the many element s of instruction design including understanding the depth and strength of the academic standards, monitoring students' progress, making adjustments based upon monitoring and reflection, leveraging research-based practices and learning as teams.

Coaches assist district leaders in creating Job-embedded, student -focused professional learning opportunities, as well as in supporting teacher leadership both in the classroom and among staff groups and teams. We help school leaders work at the whole-system level for lasting results, tailor our approach to each school district's needs and curriculum, and ensure administrators and teachers are using feedback loop s to continually improve educator effectiveness and student outcomes.

Systems approach to change - Increase Educator Effectiveness to Improve Student Outcomes

Professional Learning Teacher Leadership Instructional Design
Teacher-ledLeading groups and teamsPlanning and preparation
Student-focusedLeading from the classroomInstructional implementation
Job-embeddedLeading through modeling and coachingBalanced assessment


Learning from the Instructional Transformation Districts


Photo of Shawnda Fizser making a presentation. 

Shawnda Fizer, Ewing Elementary teacher, sharing how the IT work and her involvement in the Teachers Advisory Council (TAC) has provided opportunities to lead.

Teacher Leadership 
Professional Learning
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Instructional Transformation Districts

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