Educator Development and Equity

Educator Development and Equity

Published: 3/14/2024 9:28 AM

The Kentucky Department of Education values and embraces equity, achievement, collaboration, and integrity at all levels and in all aspects of education. This means that educational experiences, practices, policies and resources are accessed by all in ways that provide all students, especially those from underrepresented groups, with meaningful participation in the full curriculum and promotes successful outcomes. Students also have equitable access to highly effective, experienced educators who are culturally competent and able to reach each student. ​

The teachers and leaders in Kentucky’s public school system are vital to the success of educational programs and to ensuring that all students are transition ready. Information on this page is designed to help teachers and leaders find resources related to recruitment and retention, professional development, growth and evaluation, certification and more. 

The Office of Educator Licensure and Effectiveness (OELE) provides support for developing and improving Kentucky's educator workforce. We provide:

  • relevant research

  • best practice guides and models

  • technical assistance

  • professional learning

Equitable Access to Effective Educators

Commitment to Racial Equity in Kentucky's Public Schools, Equity Resources for Educators

Growth and Evaluation

Kentucky Framework for Teaching, Specialist Frameworks, Feedback Surveys, Certified Evaluation Planning


Principal Partnership Project (P3)

Overview of the P3 program, Assistant Principal Partnership Project (AP3), New Principal Summit 

Professional Learning

Child Abuse and Neglect trainings, Effective Instructional Leadership Approval (EILA), Professional Learning Standards, Professional Learning Plans


Recruitment and Retention 

Certification, Educator Tuition Assistance Opportunities, Jobs for Administrators and Teachers

Grow-Your-Own Programs

Teaching and Learning CTE Career Pathway, Educators Rising Kentucky CTSO

Teacher Leadership

Kentucky Leadership Framework, Overview of National Board Certification, Guidance on becoming National Board Certified


Title II, Part A, Teacher and Principal Quality

Strategies for Kentucky schools and districts for the implementation of Title II, Part A funds, federal program requirements and guidance, Equitable Distribution of Teachers

Teacher and Student Mayfield MS


Teacher Tenure FAQ

OELE publishes the Educator Development newsletter to highlight Kentucky educators engaging in relevant and innovative distributed leadership models, planning for equitable access, and pursuing effective professional learning and instructional and assessment practices of interest to all Kentucky educators.

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