Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Elevate Student and Educator Voice

Published: 11/8/2023 11:12 AM

​​"If it's about us, without us, it's not for us."​

T​ransforming education in Kentucky starts with listening to our students and educators. Multiple avenues are available to share stories and experiences in Kentucky schools to help us learn and grow. 

KDE Data Sources include:

Educator Voice: Kentucky Impact Survey: The Impact Kentucky Working Conditions Survey was administered to certified educators across the state of Kentucky in November-December 2021. The survey is administered every two years.

 Types of DEIB Data Available: Educators rated items such as

  • Comfort incorporating new material about people from different backgrounds into curriculum
  • Ease of interacting with students from different backgrounds
  • Comfort with having conversations around race
  • Knowledge of strategies around sensitive diversity issues
Data can be disaggregated by teacher demographics if sample size is 10 or higher. 

Student Voice: Quality School Climate and Safety Survey: The Quality of School Climate and Safety indicator is one of the state indicators in Kentucky's accountability system and is located on the School Report Card. The indicator uses perception data from surveys that measure insight into the school environment from students in 3rd grade to high school. Data was collected in Spring 2021 and collected again in Spring 2022. ​

Types of DEIB Data Available: Students rated items such as 
  • I feel like I am part of my school 
  • My school is a place where students feel encouraged 
  • Students from this school respect each other’s differences (gender, culture, race, religion, ability)
  • Adults from this school respect each other’s differences (gender, culture, race, religion, ability) 
Data can be disaggregated by student groups if sample size is 10 or higher. 

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