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Kentucky Academy for Equity in Teaching (KAET)

Published: 5/30/2024 10:36 AM

​​​​​​Recruitment, development and retention of an effective, diverse and culturally competent educator workforce is an urgent goal for the success of every Kentucky student, educator, school/district and community. The Kentucky Department of Education, the Kentucky Board of Education, the Education and Workforce Development Cabinet and the Council on Postsecondary Education are committed to the racial equity in public schools and seek to foster a culture of anti-racism and further racial equality.

Through recruitment of new teachers to the profession and development and retention of those teachers, the Kentucky Academy for Equity in Teaching (KAET) project will provide all students with equitable access to effective, experienced and diverse educators that will help ensure all graduates are prepared to be successful members of a global society. Each of the KAET initiatives will seek to inspire, prepare and educate our future and current teacher workforce.

  • Grow-Your-Own Grant Program: Through a competitive grant program, funds will be used to establish grow-your-own pipeline partnerships between school districts and post-secondary institutions. Applicants will be provided guidance on the best practices in grow-your-own initiatives and will design a program that is tailored to their district's needs. Awardees will be encouraged to offer the Teaching & Learning Pathway courses and develop an Educators Rising chapter at their school.​
  • GoTeachKY Ambassadors: Teachers across Kentucky invested in elevating the teaching profession and seeking to recruit the next generation of teachers. Learn more about the ambassadors at

  • Mentoring and Assessment Coaching: Participating students receive individualized support to develop a study plan and strategies for success on admission assessments and reimbursement for assessment-related expenses, as well as guidance throughout their educator preparation program.​ For further information and application materials, visit the KAET Praxis Support webpage​.
  • Alternative Pathway to Certification Programs: Kentucky educator preparation providers will develop a system for recruiting and supporting prospective teacher candidates, as well as expand high-quality alternative pathways to certification to focus on teacher diversity.

  • ​Cultural Competence and Equity Modules: A four-part module series based on the A4 Model for Cultural Competence will be made available to all Kentucky public educators to assist in the development of more effective and equitable strategies and practices to meet the needs of all students.  
  • KAET Focus Group: Focus groups will be convened to develop, review and revise an effective and efficient strategic plan to support the recruitment and retention of a diverse educator workforce.
Kentucky Academy for Equity in Teaching: Inspire, Prepare, Educate


Kentucky's Equity Toolkit

Kentucky's Equity Toolkit


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