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Self-Reflection and Professional Growth Planning

Published: 8/22/2022 9:45 AM

​Self-reflection and professional growth planning are interrelated processes wherein educators and administrators collaborate to explore strengths and targeted growth needs.

Evidence confirms that self-reflection is a critical component of an educator’s growth and evaluation process because it provides educators the opportunity to create a personalized continuum of professional growth (Airason & Gullickson, 2006; Tucker, Stronge, & Gareis, 2002). Through an honest and transparent examination of current practice, educators and administrators are able to develop a plan for professional learning that addresses specific and individual learning needs. The subsequent professional learning becomes a deliberate process that occurs within the context of an educator's daily activities in the classroom/school environment and connects back to student learning (Marzano, 2003).


Self-reflection improves educator effectiveness through ongoing, careful consideration of the impact of instructional practices on student growth and achievement. When teachers and other professionals use documented evidence to pinpoint what worked, what did not work, and what types of changes they might make to be more successful, self-reflection enhances the ability to adopt practical changes that improve instruction and the delivery of services. 


Professional Growth Planning

The professional growth plan outlines intentional activities designed to support collaboration and learning among educators and administrators. 

Guiding questions for developing the individualized Professional Growth Plan:

  • Based upon available evidence, what do I want to change about my practices that will positively impact student learning?

  • Based upon educational research, what improvement(s) to my instructional design process and/or classroom practice will most positively impact the targeted learning needs?

  • What do I need to learn in order to create a workable and meaningful plan for professional growth?

  • What action plan will best address my professional learning needs?

  • How will I know if/when I have accomplished my goal? What interim markers will indicate progress along the way? 

When self-reflection and professional growth planning are included in a local district’s personnel evaluation system, the certified evaluation plan (CEP) provides specific guidance and requirements.


(These resources are designed to be used by a facilitator in a group setting but could also be used by individuals.) 

Self-Reflection and Professional Growth Planning PowerPoint  
Provides guidance on engaging in a formal self-reflection and developing a professional growth plan
Initial Reflection of Practice
Includes a template to assist in self-identifying indicators from the KyFfT
Self-Assessment Tool for Teachers
Use with slide 12 of the Power Point 

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