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Professional Learning

Effective Instructional Leadership Act (EILA)

Published: 3/8/2021 3:18 PM

Instructional leaders, as defined by KRS 156.101, annually complete 21 hours of intensive training “designed to improve and maintain the quality of effectiveness of instructional leadership in the public schools of the Commonwealth.” Training providers and programs are approved by KDE based on program content, instructional processes, and impact upon participants. In order to be approved for EILA credit, training program content should align to AdvancED Standards for Quality Schools, as well as follow Kentucky’s Professional Learning Standards.


Important information to keep in mind

  • Up to six hours of EILA credit may be awarded for attendance at education conferences

  • Serving on one new teacher committee provides three hours of credit; serving on more than one committee provides a maximum of six hours

  • EILA requirements must be completed if employed in the same instructional leadership position during a school year for 100 days

  • Verification of attendance in EILA approved sessions are due to the district’s professional development coordinator (PDC) no later than June 30 of each year

  • No more than twelve hours earned from June 1 to June 30 can be credited toward the next school year

  • Any instructional leader who does not complete the 21 hours is reported to KDE by August 30 each year through the EILA web app or by sending in an EILA Annual Report. Refer to KRS 156.101, Section 4 (d) for more information regarding reporting requirements.


For EILA Program Providers


EILA Application

EILA Annual Report

Kentucky's Professional Learning Standards

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