Title IX, Part A - Education for Homeless Children and Youth

Homeless Children and Youth Data Collection and Reporting

Published: 11/8/2023 2:42 PM

​​Data is collected and reported to KDE annually by each district and school via Infinite Campus. Homeless student count data for the past three years is documented and presented by KDE for public information.

​The following resources assist homeless coordinators in the data collection process:

Infinite Campus Homeless Data Standards and Reporting

Infinite Campus and Homeless Education Data PowerPoint

Homeless Count by District​​ by Grade

​​​​Note: A student will be counted in each district ​served in the reporting year. Therefore, a student may be counted in more than one district.​



Statewide Homeless Student Count

Students counted one time in the state, regardless of movement from district to district.

School Year​Student Count


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