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Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools I (EANS I)

Published: 9/2/2022 9:23 AM

​​Congress has authorized Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools (EANS) under the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund (GEER) of the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act. This allows the Kentucky Department of Education to administer services to non-public schools in the state. Under this program any non-public or home school meeting certain criteria may apply to the state for reimbursement of COVID-19 related costs dating back to March 13, 2020 or for COVID-19 related services to be provided. In order to apply, the non-public school must:

  • Be Non-profit (Note: In Kentucky home schools are considered to be non-profit by nature, so long as they are not charging tuition for services.);
  • Be accredited, licensed, or otherwise operate in accordance with State law (Note: Non-public schools are approved to operate within Kentucky without accreditation, licensure, or certification.);
  • Have been in existence prior to March 13, 2020, the date the President declared the national emergency due to COVID-19; and
  • Not have applied and will not apply for and receive a loan under the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) (15 U.S.C. 636(a)(37)) that is made on or after December 27, 2020.

The EANS program allow non-public schools to take advantage of various services and assistance. The list of allowable activities is limited to the following:

  • Supplies to sanitize, disinfect, and clean school facilities;
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE);
  • Improving ventilation systems, including windows or portable air purification systems;
  • Training and professional development for staff on sanitization, the use of PPE, and minimizing the spread of infectious diseases;
  • Physical barriers to facilitate social distancing;
  • Other materials, supplies or equipment recommended by the CDC for reopening and operation of school facilities to effectively maintain health and safety;
  • Expanding capacity to administer coronavirus testing to effectively monitor and suppress the virus;
  • Educational technology;
  • Redeveloping instructional plans for remote or hybrid learning or to address learning loss;
  • Leasing sites or spaces to ensure social distancing; 
  • Reasonable transportation costs;
  • Initiating and maintaining education and support services or assistance for remote or hybrid learning or to address learning loss; and 
  • Reimbursement for the expenses of any services or assistance described above that a non-public school incurred on or after March 13, 2020.

Although the following activities are allowed for services to be provided, the U.S. Department of Education has determined they are not allowed to be reimbursed:

  • Improvements to ventilation systems (including windows), except for portable air purification systems, which may be reimbursed;
  • Any expenses reimbursed through a loan guaranteed under the PPP (15 U.S.C. 636(a)) prior to December 27, 2020;
  • Staff training and professional development on sanitization, the use of PPE, and minimizing the spread of COVID-19;
  • Developing instructional plans, including curriculum development, for remote or hybrid learning or to address learning loss; and
  • Initiating and maintaining education and support services or assistance for remote or hybrid learning or to address learning loss.

Under the EANS, the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) must administer reimbursements and services, including the approval of applications, prioritization of funding, and the maintenance of fiscal and programmatic control.  Except in the case of approved reimbursements, no funds are directly provided to non-public schools.  Services or materials are provided and overseen by the KDE.  Further, the KDE must retain title to all materials and supplies provided.  More in-depth explanations of the program, including roles and responsibilities, may be found in the non-regulatory guidance document produced by the USDE titled Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools (EANS) Program.  Additionally, the USDE maintains a website for this program with supplemental information

Questions related to the EANS program or the application process may be sent to kpso@education.ky.gov.

EANS Forms

EANS Procurement Request Form

EANS Program Participant Assurances

EANS Reimbursement Request Form

EANS I Staffing Request Form​​ (4/9/2022)

EANS Awards

EANS Notice of Assistance/Service

EANS Application Materials

W9 Tax Form on IRS Website

EZ Vendor Registration Application

EANS Signature Page

KDE Resources

EANS Request Management Program Update Workgroup 10/28/2021 Webinar and PowerPoint

A Brief Guide on EANS Reimbursements Webinar and PowerPoint

EANS Request Management Webinar and PowerPoint

EANS Applicant Training

EANS Applicant Training 2

EANS Frequently Asked Questions

​​March 3, 2021 EANS Webinar

March 4, 2021 EANS Webinar

EANS Webinar: Final Budget

EANS Webinar: Request Management Process

EANS Newsletters​​

Vendor Form Early Submission (Optional)

In order to expedite the grant-making process, applicants to the EANS program may submit their W9 and EZ Vendor Registration application to KDE before the application due date. The Vendor Registration Application (EZ form) must be completed to acquire a unique vendor number within the state financial system. Complete the EZ Vendor Registration Application and W9 Tax Form​ and email them to the KDE Vendor email address - kdefinmanvendreg@education.ky.gov

Applicants will receive an email once the vendor number has been established and approved. Questions about this process can also be sent to the KDE Vendor email address.

External Resources

USED Emergency Assistance for Non-Public Schools (EANS) website

USED EANS Frequently Asked Questions

USED Governor's Emergency Education Relief Fund II Fact Sheet

Resource for Determining Low-Income Eligibility

In order to assist with determining low-income eligibility and providing student counts on the EANS application, a non-public or home school may use the free and reduced price lunch income limit chart on page 3 of the Operating Component of 2019 Reimbursement Rates document. This information was provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for determining school lunch participation eligibility for the 2019-20 school year and would satisfy the requirements of the EANS application.

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