Pursuant to Senate Bill 1, 2021 Extraordinary Session, districts are required to submit their current COVID-19 School Operations Plan and any subsequent drafts to KDE for informational purposes.
Districts may submit their plans to KDE using this form.

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Summer Support

Published: 5/21/2021 1:33 PM

​Resources for Summer Learning 

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) commends all that parents, families, caregivers and educators have done for children and students during this extended period of hybrid and remote learning resulting from the COVID-19 emergency. As the school year ends and summer begins, we want to continue offering learning support to families. 

Perhaps more than ever, it is important to keep children and students engaged in summer reading and mathematics to support their academic success in the fall. Children may lose up to three months of literacy and numeracy skills during summer break when they don’t practice what they learned during the school year. To support parents, families and caregivers in encouraging summer learning, the KDE is providing resources to help keep your child’s mind active this summer right from your home.

Please e-mail whitney.hamilton@education.ky.gov with any questions.

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