World Languages

World Languages and Kentucky Global Economics

Published: 2/19/2024 3:31 PM

Resources on this page show how Kentucky is connected to the world, which creates a critical need for world languages education in our schools in order to provide students opportunities to become highly skilled, globally aware and globally competent.

Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development

As the primary state agency encouraging job creation, retention and business investment in Kentucky, the Cabinet for Economic Development works to attract new industries and assists existing companies to grow and expand. The Cabinet also provides support and resources for entrepreneurs, startups and small business owners. As well, it helps prepare communities for economic development opportunities. 

Kentucky Export Initiative

The Kentucky Export Initiative (KEI) helps Kentucky businesses find opportunities to sell their products abroad. KEI is a partnership of government entities, business organizations and trade experts, with one common goal - to increase Kentucky exports, which will lead to new Kentucky jobs and create diversified markets for Kentucky products.

Please contact the world languages team with any questions.​

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