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KET World Languages Resources

Published: 8/2/2022 3:52 AM

On this page, information may be found about Kentucky Educational Television (KET) and the resources that it provides in the field of World Languages.

Kentucky Educational Television 

KET is Kentucky’s preeminent public media organization. It is an innovative producer of digital education tools for the classroom and Kentucky’s highest-quality source for public affairs and arts programming – on television and digital platforms. It offers opportunities for people everywhere to keep learning throughout their lives.

KET Resources for Teaching World Languages
  • Exploraciones provides many resources for teaching Spanish in the Elementary K-5 Grades

  • Decouverte provides many resources for teaching French in the Elementary K-5 Grades

  • Abenteuer provides many resources for teaching German in the Elementary K-5 Grades 

Please contact the world languages team with any questions.​

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