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Published: 8/2/2022 3:52 AM

New Kentucky Academic Standards for World Language

704 KAR 8:100 adopts into law the Kentucky Academic Standards (KAS) for World Language, which is now available at​. Acquiring a language is progressive and requires time. Ideally programs offer students opportunities for language acquisition in early childhood.

Design decisions were informed by reviews of current evidenced-based practices, state and national world language standards and public comments regarding the KAS for World Language. The standards progression was based upon the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL) proficiency levels and the National Council of State Supervisors for Languages-ACTFL can-do statements.

The standards also were informed by feedback from the public and world language community. The standards received feedback from current world language teachers, retired teachers, administrators, institutes of higher education, parent/guardians, community members and students. At each stage of the feedback process, data-informed changes were made to ensure the standards would focus on critical knowledge, skills and capacities needed for success in the global economy.

Although the standards do not have a connected graduation requirement, they are, by law, the standards that must be used if a school has a world language program or elective (which includes all K-12 public schools in Kentucky). The KAS for World Language will be included in the same 6-year cycle of review and revision as all other content area standards.​

Please email the standards team with questions.

Curriculum for World Languages

Curriculum is a local decision. Since the Kentucky Board of Education adopts standards for minimum graduation requirements, districts define expectations for electives in programs valued by Kentucky Department of Education. The document that follows describe the competencies that support quality programs for World Languages, including American Sign Language and Classical Languages.

Please contact the world languages team with any questions.​

Elena Kamenetzky

Eastern High School, JCPS

2021 National Language Teacher of the Year​

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