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Read To Achieve (RTA)

Published: 4/5/2023 1:31 PM

The Kentucky Read to Achieve: Reading Diagnostic and Intervention Grant provides schools with competitive funds to support teachers in implementing a reading intervention program and evidence-based instructional strategies that address the diverse needs of primary students (K-3) reading at low levels and needing accelerated learning. Schools awarded the RTA grant must ensure implementation of a reading intervention program for tiers two and three and a comprehensive reading program at the tier one instructional level. 

The Kentucky Read to Achieve (KY RTA) Program was created under Senate Bill 19 in 2005 with the goal of supporting schools in implementing a reading diagnostic and intervention program to address the needs of struggling readers. Schools that are awarded RTA grant funds must provide matching funds and assure the complete sustainability of the professional learning requirements and all costs associated with implementing the professional learning and intervention program into the appropriate tiers of instruction for the two-year period. After this two-year period, RTA schools will be eligible to request a grant renewal for an additional two years contingent upon implementation of all program components, grant requirement compliance, demonstrated student progress, the availability of funds and successfully meeting all assurances per KRS 158.792 Section 3(b).  ​

Please contact kde.readtoachieve@education.ky.gov with any questions. 

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