Guidelines for Including an Effective Writing Program Within the Curriculum

Published: 7/10/2023 12:42 PM

What is required of s​​chools?

Kentucky Revised Statute (KRS) 160.345 requires school councils adopt a writing program consistent with local board policy and that the principal ensure its implementation into the curriculum.​

The​​​​ passing of Senate Bill 1 (2022) amends KRS 158.6453 to require that the Kentucky Department of Education provide school districts guidelines for including an effective writing program within the curriculum.


Does my school need both a writing policy and curriculum policy?

No. KRS 160.345 requires SBDM councils to include in its curriculum policies the responsibilities under KRS 158.6453(19) outlining the school's writing program.


What are guidelines for including an effective writing program within the curriculum?

Writing Program Guidelines have been developed to provide guidance on important elements to consider when developing an effective writing program.


What are other resources available to assist schools with developing a writing program?

The Kentucky Academic Standards for Reading and Writing helps ensure all students throughout Kentucky are provided with common content and have opportunities to learn at high levels. Students need vast literacy abilities and ever-changing technological competencies. This broadened definition of literacy means English/language arts education must address many different types and uses of language. The instructional programs for Kentucky's public schools emphasize the development of students' abilities to acquire, apply and integrate knowledge, skills and understandings in real life contexts and to problem-solve, make decisions and think critically and creatively. They assist students in connecting learning to the world beyond the classroom by exploring and investigating real issues and problems of communities, states, the nation and the world. Well-designed Reading and Writing standards, curriculum and instruction recognizes the diversity of students and how children learn, construct knowledge and acquire skills and concepts of the disciplines.​

Composition in the Classroom is designed to help Kentucky teachers and administrators gain a better understanding of the Kentucky Academic Standards for Reading and Writing's Composition strand. This resource takes an in-depth look at each of the three modes of writing, the three types of writing and authentic audiences, forms and purposes. Each section on the three modes of writing contains examples of potential instructional resources which could be used in elementary and secondary classrooms. ​

Please email standards@education.ky.gov with any questions.

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