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Summer Support: Information and Printables for Parents and Caregivers

Published: 8/17/2020 1:54 PM

Read these parent/caregiver informational sheets, available in English and Spanish, to learn the benefits of reading with, talking to and spending time with children every day. The activities and informational sheets can be read and referenced online or printed for a more hands-on approach.

Reading Tracker Bookmark

Read Together Bookmark Lee conmigo!

Take the Reading Pledge

Take the Reading Pledge Haga la Promesa de Leer

Read 20 Minutes Every Day

Read Together 20 Minutes Every Day Leer Juntos 20 Minutos Cada Dia

The Power of Talking with Your Child

The Power of Talking with Your Child El Poder de Hablar Con su Nino

The First Five Years

The First Five Years - Wow! Los Primeros Cinco Anos: Caramba!

Spending Time Together

Spending Time Together Pasar Tiempo Juntos 

Please e-mail the ELA team with any questions.

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