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Encouraging Innovation

Published: 7/29/2022 4:53 PM

​​​                                                                       Teacher expalining to hight school students

​Encouraging innovation in our schools means addressing the challenge to find better approaches to both teaching and assessments. We know the best organizations are those that are constantly evolving, improving, experimenting and sharing best practices - and this is especially true in education. ​

Teachers must feel safe trying new things, which fosters a culture of innovation as part of everyday practices. Students will be encouraged to answer questions such as “How can I solve this problem?” and “Is there a better way?” Measures of success should be whether all students are prepared for successful job opportunities of the future and life. 

One area that Kentuckians told us needs improvement is our approach to assessments. While our current system does a good job getting at basic literacy and numeracy skills, this is not enough. Our assessments need to be responsive to the needs and desires of our students, families, educators and communities and help measure the diverse set of skills students need to be successful.​


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