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Published: 5/30/2024 11:26 AM


Kentucky United We Learn Council Newsletter Archives​:

As the United We Learn initiative progresses, it is imperative that we maintain transparent communication with the public regarding our ongoing endeavors. This newsletter will offer comprehensive coverage of the council's activities, highlighting the significant contributions of the three standing committees and featuring introductions to the esteemed council members. 

March 2024

Local Laboratories of Learning and March Accelerating Innovation Committee meeting recap.

February 2024

Gearing up for the spring convening and member Edna Schack shares the moonshot with Morehead Public Radio.​

January 2024​ 

Council moonshot established and vibrant learning experiences defined.

December 2023 ​

End of year reflections from the council chair and vice chair.

November 2023​ 

Fall convening ​​r​ecap.

August 2023 

Wrapping up summer and preparing for the moonshot.

July 2023 

Bold New Future Committee preparing a presentation for August board meeting.

June 2023 

Six month goals, also known as BHAGS set for each committee.

May 2023 

Audrey Gilbert and Sarah Hatton elected as 2023-24 council chair and vice chair.

March 2023 

Preparing for the spring convening.

February 2023 

Meet the chairs of the council and the committees.

January 2023 ​

Committees established and begin working.

Kentucky United We Learn Meeting Nov. 22

Supplemental Materials:​​

School Improvement - Innovation

​​​​The Division of Innovation is charged with incubating learning innovations to promote personalized learning for each and every student, with the hope that these new approaches to learning could be scaled in the future.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Kentucky Innovation Memo​

Kentucky Innovation Guide​

Kentucky Opportunity Analysis​

Kentucky Opportunity Analysis Evidence​


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