Student Teaching

Published: 8/2/2022 3:56 AM

Admission to student teaching shall include a formal application procedure for each teacher candidate. 

  1. Prior to and during the student teaching experience, the teacher candidate shall adhere to the Professional Code of Ethics for Kentucky School Personnel established in 16 KAR 1:020
  2. Prior to admission to student teaching, each teacher candidate shall complete a minimum of 200 clock hours of field experiences in a variety of primary through grade 12 (P-12) school settings as outlined in 16 KAR 5:40 Section 2.

Each educator preparation institution shall provide a full professional semester to include a period of student teaching for a minimum of seventy (70) full days, or its equivalent, in instructional settings that correspond to the grade levels and content areas of the student teacher’s certification program. 

Visit the COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions page for specific information about student teaching and NTI.

Cooperating Teachers
  • valid teaching certificate or license for each grade and subject taught; and
  • at least three (3) years of teaching experience as a certified educator
  • complete training in:
    • (A) basic responsibilities of a cooperating teacher
    • (B) best practice in supporting the student teacher
    • (C) effective assessment of the student teacher
  • the ratio of student teachers to cooperating teachers shall be one-to-one

Visit the Cooperating Teachers page for more information about requirements, training, and compensation.
Teacher and students working in classroom


  • 16 KAR 5:040 Admission, placement, and supervision in student teaching

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