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Published: 6/6/2024 5:21 PM
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This page contains downloads to special education forms commonly used by Kentucky schools to document the evaluation process and eligibility for special education and is supported by the following regulations:
Included to the right is the Consent to Evaluate/Reevaluate and each of the Eligibility Determination forms specific to the suspected disability.
Forms are included in the Kentucky Student Information System (KSIS). Revisions to the forms in the KSIS occur based on feedback from Directors of Special Education (DoSEs), state stakeholder groups and the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) interpretation of law and legal decisions. In addition, the KDE makes revisions to the state-mandated forms based on monitoring.

State-approved forms used for special education due process including the Individual Education Program (IEP), and others can be found on the Admissions and ​Release Committee (ARC) and Individual Education Program (IEP) Guidance page​.

Child Find Resources
  • ​​Guide for Child Find​: This non-regulatory guidance is intended to provide special education professionals and parents with a reference guide for the Child Find process. 
  • The Child Find Po​ster provides c​ontact information for when someone suspects a child has special needs. 
  • The Child Find Brochur​e provides information on possible signs that a child may have special needs and how someone may report that they suspect a child has special needs. 

Evaluation Resources

Eligibility Resources

Eligibility for Hearing and Visual Impairment 
​The Question and Answers (Q&A) Related to Revisions to Special Education Definitions (Hearing Impairment and Visual Impairment) document is intended to provide frequently asked questions related to the amendments to the definitions for hearing impairment and visual impairment. The Q&A also provides resources to assist schools and districts in improving processes related to referring, evaluating and determining eligibility for a student with a hearing or visual impairment. Additionally, the video is a companion resource that provides an overview of and highlights key features of the Q&A document. 

Eligibility for Speech and Language
The Eligibility for Speech and Language forms are provided in electronic format on the right. The advantage to the Word version is that once completed it can be saved as a file and uploaded to the KSIS at the student level. Speech and Language eligibility is supported by the following regulations and guidelines.

Specific Learning Disability Guidance
The purpose of the Specific Learning Disability Guidance Document is to assist schools in conducting appropriate and comprehensive educational evaluations for students suspected of having a specific learning disability (SLD). Additionally, this guidance document will provide an overview of Kentucky’s SLD eligibility determination requirements, clarify the evaluation components and criteria, and answer frequently asked questions from the field as they relate to students with an SLD.

Questions and Answers Related to Specific Learning Disability (SLD)​: This non-regulatory guidance is intended to answer frequently asked questions related to the evaluation and eligibility determination of SLD. This document is a companion resource to the Specific Learning Disability Guidance Document​

The Eligibility Determination Process and Specific Learning Disability Training video​ was developed to support districts in understanding how to evaluate and determine eligibility within the requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) for a specific learning disability. This video can be used as a training tool to support school districts when seeking to provide services for students. The video is intended to be used in conjunction with the Questions and Answers Related to Specific Learning Disability (SLD)​ and highlights key features of the Specific Learning Disability Guidance Document​. ​

Reference Tables for Identifying Students with a Specific Learning Disability
These tables are used by district evaluators and others who perform diagnostic evaluations as part of the identification process for special education. 

Updates are now available for the KABC-II NU. As previously noted on this site, prior test pairing may not be available for updated test editions because comparative studies between many instruments that took place in the past have not been replicated. 

How to Use the Discrepancy Tables
The following links include the pairs of aptitude and achievement tests that might be used in calculating an aptitude-achievement discrepancy using the Regression Estimated True Score Method. 
For each test pairing, the age level and table reference is provided. For example, the line looks like the information below:

Apt Test                Achievement Test Pairing               Age     Table/Col 

WISC-V FS           KTEA III Math Computation              6           2-E

In this pairing the WISC-V Full Scale IQ score and KTEA-III Math Computation score would be used. For a student aged 6, the appropriate table of criterion values would be Table 2. In Table 2 the user would locate the criterion value in Column E that corresponds to the student’s WISC-V Full Scale IQ score. This criterion value would then be compared to the student’s achievement score on the KTEA-III Math Computation score test.

Current Test Pairings
Cognitive WISC-V

Calculated WISC-V Guidance Please note, this guidance has significantly changed. Please read the Calculated WISC V Guidance document before calculating GAI discrepancies. The publisher recommends only the WISC Full Scale be used for SLD pairings.

Cognitive DAS-II

Cognitive = DAS-II with Achievement = KTEA III

Cognitive K-ABC II (MPI, FCI, NVI)

Woodcock Johnson IV

Evaluation and ​Eligibility Forms

NOTE:  Eligibility Documentation forms for each underlying disability should also be completed.

Speech and Language Forms


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