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Social/Emotional Learning Resources for School Counselors

Published: 5/14/2024 1:45 PM


Kentucky’s vision for the future of public education is encapsulated in the “United We Learn ” report, which proposes the following three common themes:

  1. Creating vibrant learning experiences.
  2. Accelerating innovation.
  3. Building a bold, new future with communities.

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is a cornerstone of these themes to ensure “deep and authentic learning experiences for our students.” This wraparound model “means everyone in our Commonwealth— educators, families, and community and business leaders—working together to support our public educational system.” SEL is driven by 21st-century skills that both communities and families see as vital skills for our students’ future. Students across Kentucky are growing up in a globally interconnected world; a world that is accelerating in competitiveness and possibility. Employers are clear that 21st century skills are essential for their future workforce, in many cases more important than technical skills that change with the rapid pace of technology. Workforce preparation must include essential knowledge and technical skills required for jobs today, but also deeper human skills—known as social and emotional skills. Successful integration of SEL and workforce development advances our vision to prepare all students for success as lifelong, engaged learners and effective contributors to the complex future they will inherit, including in their future work lives—as entrepreneurs, business owners, or employees. Kentucky’s children will only realize their full potential if we can ensure high-quality learning experiences that meet the needs of all students. This includes social, emotional, and academic learning.

The Kentucky Social and Emotional Learning Implementation Guide explains the importance of SEL and outlines findings from a recent survey about the Kentucky Department of Education’s (KDE’s) SEL system. In addition, the guide is a tool to implementing SEL in Kentucky, aimed at the district, school, and classroom levels.

Additional Social and Emotional Resources for Counselors

​​ (Competencies)

SEL Kernels of Practice

SEL in Action (Districts and Schools)

CASEL's SEL Playbook

ILP Stakeholder Talking Points

ILP Guidance Document​​​

ILP Resource Guide

Elementary Playbook

Middle Playbook

High School Playbook


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