Kentucky Facilities Inventory and Classification System

Published: 7/3/2024 6:09 PM

​​​​​​​​​​​​​KFICS Overview​

The Kentucky Facilities Inventory and Classification System (KFICS) allows the Kentucky (KY) Department of Education (KDE) to assess their K-12 public school buildings' physical condition and educational suitability in a standardized, fair, and equitable manner. KFICS provides the districts and their third-party architects the ability to collect, integrate, and maintain the assessed data for local ownership and transparency of it. The system supports a quality assurance component for KDE to review, confirm, and publish the data. KFICS also supports a standard scoring methodology for building conditions and educational suitability that is easily maintainable and uses construction industry standards.

Asset Planner (KFICS’s desktop version) permits KDE to create a State Report which ranks the buildings’ physical condition using a KY School Score. The KY School Score is an aggregate of the Condition Index (75%) and the Educational Suitability (25%) for a facility that has completed all set of audits and surveys required to qualify for the State Report. The data submitted by the districts or their third-party architects has to be reviewed and published by KDE before a facility is listed in the State Report.

Below you will find three links listing the last two official State Reports provided to the legislature, and the most current updated report:

Updated Unofficial State Report​ (generate​d 7-3​-2024)

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