Published: 3/20/2023 8:42 AM

​​FACPAC (Facilities Planning and Construction)​

What is FACPAC? Who is FACPAC for?

FACPAC (Facilities Planning and Construction) is a SharePoint application developed by KDE that provides districts and their third party architects with online data entry forms for the following school construction forms, BG-1 Project Application, Contract Summary, Purchase Order & Summary, Change Order Supplemental Information, BG-4 Contract Close-Out and BG-5 Project Close-Out.

District roles include the superintendent, finance officer, facility director and their assigned staff. When changes to these roles occur, the district shall request KDE to remove the previous user(s) and add the new user(s) via the FACPAC User Request Form.

Third party roles include architect, construction manager, fiscal agent, qualified provider and their assigned staff. When changes within these roles occur, the district or the third party shall request KDE to remove the previous user(s) and add any new user(s) via the FACPAC User Request Form.

Detailed information regarding the above can be found in the FACPAC User Guide under “Roles and Security" and “User Request Form." This information is accessible with FACPAC login credentials.

Reasons to submit a “User Request Form":

  • District users want to add/remove another district user.
  • District users want to add those in third-party roles from the firm associated with the school district construction (architects, construction managers, fiscal agents and assigned staff) on an individual project basis.
  • District users to add NEW third-party organizations that are NOT already in the FACPAC system.
  • A third-party user to submit a request to add another third-party user (from the same group).
  • To make an inquiry or ask a question regarding any project form.
  • The district adds third party groups to the BG-1 form themselves, no User Request form is needed in this instance. 

Are you new to Facilities? If so, check out the “Facility Branch Live Events / Trainings" tab.​

If you have questions regarding FACPAC access, please direct them to Tanesha Keene tanesha.keene@education.ky.gov

Guidelines for Best Practices

BG-1 Project Application Process

FACPAC - Electronic Submission of Construction Project Documents Process​


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