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KDE Strategic Dashboard

Published: 8/2/2022 3:50 AM

​​​​​In Spring 2021 the Kentucky Board of Education charged Commissioner Jason Glass with setting ambitious goals to advance student learning across the Commonwealth. As part of this effort, the Commissioner considered a variety of measures of success for all of Kentucky’s students. He identified and set goals for eight academic and five non-academic indicators that will be updated annually in the strategic data dashboard below to monitor progress toward these goals.

The purpose of this dashboard is to promote transparency and accountability for these goals.​

The academic indicators are:
  1. National ranking on the National Assessment for Educational Progress

  2. Academic proficiency gap on statewide end of year reading and math assessments

  3. Equitable enrollment in advanced placement courses

  4. Equitable enrollment in dual enrollment courses

  5. National ranking on ACT test performance (compared to states with universal testing)

  6. National ranking on 4-year graduation rate

  7. Postsecondary readiness (coming soon)

  8. Universal skills (coming soon)

The non-academic indicators are:
  1. Educator engagement, as measured by the Impact KY survey

  2. Recruitment and retention of teachers of color

  3. Equitable access to resources

  4. Student Engagement (coming soon)

  5. Family and community engagement (coming soon)

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