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Kentucky Multi-Tiered System of Supports (KyMTSS)

Published: 2/19/2024 3:45 PM

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) has expanded the system for response to intervention (RTI) to a more comprehensive multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS). 

Kentucky’s Multi-Tiered System of Supports (KyMTSS) is defined as a multi-level prevention system to support student achievement and social-emotional behavioral competencies through an integration of differentiated core instruction, assessment and intervention. 

Associated Regulations: Senate Bill 9, KRS 158:305KRS 158.840158.6459704 KAR 3:095 


Please visit our new website, KyMTSS.org, for information and resources to support implementation, improvement and sustainability of an effective MTSS.  

KyMTSS.org homepage

The vision of the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE), “each and every student empowered and equipped to pursue a successful future”, sets the focus for the work of the agency and is also the goal of an integrated MTSS. The essential elements of KyMTSS align with this vision and the big ideas of U​nited We Learn: access and opportunity, and authentic engagement and partnerships as outlined in KDE’s Strategic Plan.​​

An intentional commitment to equity is embedded into all components of an effective MTSS and is essential to improve academic, behavioral and social-emotional outcomes for all students.  KyMTSS is a framework that organizes the systems, data and practices to create positive, equitable and inclusive learning experiences for all students.  

Please contact Melissa Wainwright, Ed.D, at melissa.wainwright@education.ky.gov​ with any questions. 

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