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Dyslexia Toolkit

Published: 3/5/2024 4:00 PM


The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) has developed the “Kindergarten to Grade 3 Dyslexia Toolkit” in response to The Ready to Read Act (House Bill 187, 2018). The toolkit provides educators and families with a resource to help meet the learning needs of students with dyslexia or those who display characteristics of dyslexia.

The Ready to Read Act, passed in 2018 and spearheaded by former State Representative Addia Wuchner, was a bi-partisan effort aimed at decreasing the education barriers students with dyslexia face. The bill took aim at increasing educators’ knowledge of the characteristics of dyslexia; appropriate teaching strategies to use when instructing students with dyslexia; and established a process for identifying individual learning needs. Since the bill’s passage, KDE has worked to create a toolkit to assist in building an understanding of dyslexia, early recognition characteristics and considerations for evidence-based instructional practices.

Dyslexia Toolkit 2019

Dyslexia Toolkit 2019 Accessible Format

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