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Timeline of United We Learn

Published: 3/9/2023 1:32 PM

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  • August 2022: KDE's Strategic Plan
  • March 2022 - Fall 2022: Local Laboratories of Learning (L3s)
  • June 2021: Kentucky Coalition for Advancing Education
  • November 2021: Kentucky Education Summit
  • Spring 2021: Commissioner's Listening Tour

November 2022: Kentucky United We Learn Council 

​​The Kentucky United We Learn Council​ was created to give a broad stakeholder voice to the process of learning in Kentucky.  This will go along with the Kentucky United We Learn work already underway in the field, and the council will evaluate and recommend strategic practice, policy and investment ideas to state policymakers and the citizens of Kentucky. The state commissioner of education and the council’s chair will work with KDE staff, KBE and if necessary, the Kentucky General Assembly to respond to the United We Learn Council’s recommendations. View November 29-30 video recording here.


 August 2022: KDE's Strategic Plan   ​​​​

Strategic Plan Graphic

KDE is developing a new strategic plan​ to move initiatives and innovations from ideas into action.​

March 2022 to Fall 2022: ​Local Laboratories of Learning (L3s) 

Local Laboratories of Learning (L3s) are districts that are engaging in a collaborative improvement process in their communities that mimics the work done by the Kentucky Coalition for Advancing Education. Some are already piloting new assessment processes and ideas to reimagine the student experience through equitable and deeper learning opportunities. There are three L3 cohorts:​

  1. Cohort #1: Allen County, Fleming County, Frankfort Independent, Jefferson County, Johnson County, Logan County and Shelby County

  2. Cohort #2: Berea Independent, Boone County, Bullitt County, Corbin Independent, Greenup County and Lawrence County

  3. Cohort #3: Carter County, Floyd County, LaRue County, Rowan County, Warren County and Washington County​

​​​​​Lessons learned from the L3s will be shared with districts across Kentucky and help inform how the statewide assessment and accountability system will evolve. KDE will create a tool kit so all school districts can use a similar collaborative approach with local stakeholders to continuously improve student experiences in the classroom.​​​

L3 Program Information and Agreement Form 2022​

​June 2021 to June 2022: Kentucky Coalition for Advancing Education​                                                    Kentucky Coalition for Advancing Education

The Kentucky Coalition for Advancing Education​ – a diverse group of more than 50 stakeholders from across the Commonwealth – was formed in June 2021 to dig into the information from the town halls and do more empathy interviewing to create a report on this new vision for education called United We Learn: Hearing Kentucky’s Voices on the Future of Education.​

November 2021: Kentucky Education Summit

Kentucky Education Summit Revised  

​The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) hosted the 2021 Kentucky Education Summit at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville on Nov. 1-2, 2021. The statewide summit focused on the future of K-12 education in the Commonwealth. Over two days, the event pulled in some of the nation’s top education reform leaders to help begin a discussion about how to build a stronger education system with high standards in Kentucky.​​

Spring of 2021: Commissioner's Listening Tour 

Town Hall Press Release​​​

In the spring of 2021, ​Commissioner of Education Jason E. Glass held a series of 13 virtual town halls​ to hear from Kentuckians about what is and isn’t working in education for them and their families.​


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