United We Learn

For Communities and Families

Published: 7/29/2022 4:53 PM

​​​​    threes kindergarten students in front of laptop          

Greater community and family involvement with our schools will lead to better outcomes for our students. While many schools across Kentucky do a great job making these connections, even more can be done. A key part of our United We Learn vision is embracing a culture of deep and authentic partnerships between schools, families, community members and business leaders. 

If your student is attending a Kentucky public school, increased engagement will help educators better understand and value your student’s unique story and perspective. Through improved communication, educators will aim to provide the unique support your student needs to succeed. 

Broader community members can also play a vital role in helping our students succeed. Your business or organization can provide real-world learning opportunities for students that spark curiosity, motivation, and engagement. Whether through programs like expanded internships, mentorships and partnerships, your engagement and support will enable students from kindergarten to graduation to explore their passions and better prepare for job opportunities of the future and life.


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