Middle School Exploratory Tasks

Published: 8/7/2023 3:15 PM

​This collection of tasks support the Kentucky Academic Standards for Career Studies. They introduce students to the 16 Career Clusters and promote active learning by engaging them with career specific skills, knowledge and/or tasks of their choice. These tasks may be modified to meet instructional and/or individual student needs.

Student Work Samples

These samples may represent students' first introduction to authentic topics and skills related to a career cluster. They may serve as a model for students and teachers and may be modified as needed to meet instructional and/or student needs. Some clusters include teacher created models.

​​Exploratory Tasks by Career Cluster​
​Student Work Samples
Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (AG)
AG Work Samples
Architecture and Construction​ (AC)
AC Work Samples
Arts/AV Technology and Communications (ART)
ART Work Samples
Business Management and Administration (BMA)
BMA Work Samples
Education and Training (EDU)
EDU Work Samples
Finance (FIN)
FIN Work Samples
Government and Public Administration (GPA)
GPA Work Samples
Health Science (HS)
HS Work Samples
Hospitality and Tourism (HTTR)
​HTTR Work Samples
Human Services (HUM)
HUM Work Samples
​Information Technology (IT)
IT Work Samples
​Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security (LAW)
​LAW Work Samples
Manufacturing (MAN)
MAN Work Samples
Marketing (MKT)
MKT Work Samples
STEM (STEM)STEM Work Samples
Transportation, Distribution and Logistics​ (TDL) TDL Work Samples

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