Engineering Technology Education

Engineering Technology Education

Published: 10/18/2023 1:32 PM

Engineering Technology Education prepares students for high-demand high-skill Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) careers. Classroom instruction, laboratory experiences and work based learning provides personal growth based on the real life application of STEM, problem solving and critical thinking. This program is enhanced by offering a Technology Student Association (TSA) chapter within your program. 


Engineering Technology Education Program Standards

Working with industry, post-secondary, and high school teachers from across our Commonwealth the Kentucky Department of Education's Office of Career & Technical Education and Student Transition has developed program standards aligned to engineering pathways and courses. Located below is the standards matrix which aligns program standards to courses offered within pathways and helps determine if students are being introduced to, progressing through, or have mastered each standard. This standards matrix also includes an introduction to the program area, description/key, acknowledgements, suggested equipment, academic standards, and employability standards in addition to twelve content standards. This matrix is built to allow content teachers to build pathways and course standards guides that best fit their local and regional workforce needs.

Engineering Technology Education Standards Matrix

Engineering Technology Education Content Standards

  1. Lab Organization and Safety Procedures
  2. Science, Technology, Engineering And Math (Stem) in Society
  3. Engineering Design Process
  4. Engineering Documentation
  5. Rapid Prototyping
  6. Aerospace
  7. Architecture And Building Construction
  8. Civil
  9. Electrical & Electronics
  10. Manufacturing
  11. Mechanical
  12. Robotics

Access to standards organized by pathway can be found on the Pathway Standards Documents webpage.

CTE Pathway Alignments

The Office of Career and Technical Education and Student Transition, working with Kentucky postsecondary institutions to develop example pathway alignments leading to industry certifications, certificates, diplomas and/or degrees aligned to state in-demand industry sectors and support occupations.

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