Portrait of a Learner

Published: 2/16/2024 8:33 AM



A Portrait of a Learner is an agreed-upon set of school- or district-level aspirations for what every learner will know and be able to do when they leave school. That exit may happen at the end of elementary school, middle school, high school graduation or at any other checkpoint along the way.  The Kentucky statewide PoL identifies the skills students need to be prepared for an ever-changing world that is driven by technology, human interaction and innovation. This portrait gives school leaders and teachers the framework to design instruction in a way that promotes real-world competencies and job readiness.

​Why Create a Portrait of a Learner?

Now, more than ever, learning experiences must not be just about mastering challenging academic content. They also must be more intentional about fostering communication, collaboration, adaptability and other skills our students need to thrive. ​

​Kentucky’s accountability system needs to provide a more comprehensive picture of what student success means. The Kentucky Portrait of a Learner (PoL) will help do this by serving as a more balanced measure, demonstrating a student’s growth and achievement and ensuring their readiness for civic life, career or college.

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Portrait of a Learner

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