Pupil Transportation

School Bus Specification Committee

Published: 5/11/2023 10:08 AM

Current Pilots​

No pilots are currently being conducted at this time.​

KDE School Bus Specification Contacts​

​Elisa Hanley
​Pupil Transportation Branch Mana​g​er​​
​Kentucky Department of Education
​Carl Meehan
​​​Education Administration Program Consultant II​​​
​Kentucky Department of Education
​Joe Shepherd
​​​Education Administration Program Consultant II​​
​Kentucky Department of Education

School Bus ​Specification Committee Members

The School Bus ​Specification Committee is comprised of two subcommittees: Mechanical and Safety. You can view members of each subcommittee below:

​Mechanical Subcommittee Members​

Member Name​
Marcus Dobbs
Meeting Manager, Director of Transportation
​Jefferson County
​Chris Schadler
​Chairman, Director of Transportation
​Walton-Verona Indep​endent
​Jeff Aulick​
​Superintendent, Director of Transportation​
​Bracken County
​Mark Yaden​
​Lead Mechanic
​Laurel County
​Dale Penn
​Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor
​Franklin County
​James "Stub" Mc​Glone
​Driver Coordinator/Vehicle Mechanic Inspector
​Boyd County
​Pete Jones
​Transportation Foreman
​Jefferson County
​Wayne Winters
​Director of Transportation
​Crittenden County
​John Preston
​Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor​
​Fayette County
​Alan Blythe
​Vehicle Maintenance Manager
​Warren County
​​Kay Penn
​Director of Transportation
​Woodford ​County​


​Safety Subcommittee Members​

​Member Name​​
Marcus Dobbs
​​Meeting Manager, Director of Transportation
​Jefferson County
​Chris Schadler
​​Chairman, Director of Transportation
​​Walton-Verona Independent
​Kenneth O'Quinn
​School Bus Driver Training Instructor
​Pike County
​Reda Reinhart
​Director of Transportation
​Todd County
​Jeff Aulick
​Superintendent, Director of Transportation
​Bracken County
​Kim Koontz
​Driver Training Coordinator
​Jefferson County
​Wes Alexander
​Director of Transportation
​Henderson County
​Kevin Whitt​
​Director of Transportation
​Henry County
​John Hymore
School Bus Driver Training Instructor​
​Boone County
​Tim Adkins
​Director of Transportation
​Elliott County
Steve Burton​​
​Director of Transportation
Adair County​
​Kay Penn
​Director of Transportation
​Woodford County
​Doug Binion
​School Bus Driver Training Instructor
​Rowan County

Elisa Hanley
Office of Finance and Operations
Division of District Support
300 Sower Blvd., 4th Floor
Frankfort, KY 40601
(502) 564-5279 Ext. 4406
Fax (502) 564-6771 ​​

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