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Published: 8/2/2022 3:54 AM




Pursuant to KRS 61.870 through KRS 61.884, the public is notified that, as provided herein, the public records of the above-named agencies of the Commonwealth of Kentucky are open for inspection by any resident of the Commonwealth of Kentucky on written application to Todd G. Allen, General Counsel, who is the official custodian of the public records of the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE), Kentucky Board of Education (KBE), and Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB).

A request for public records should adhere to the following: the request should be made to the official custodian of the public agency's records; it must be in writing, signed by the requester, with his/her name and contact information printed legibly on the request; the requestor should include a statement of the manner in which the requester is a resident of the Commonwealth of Kentucky under KRS 61.870(10); the requester should indicate whether they desire hard or electronic copies, or to inspect the requested records; it should include as specific a description of the public records requested as the requester can craft; and the requester should indicate whether or not the records sought are for a commercial purpose under KRS 61.870(4).

The request may be hand-delivered, mailed, sent via facsimile, or emailed to the agency's records custodian

at While the above-named agencies of the Commonwealth do not require any specific request form to be completed in order to request public records, requesters may use the Open Records request form to make a request.  Mailed requests should be made to the following address:

Todd G. Allen
Kentucky Department of Education 300 Sower Boulevard, Fifth Floor Frankfort, Kentucky, 40601


Requests can be made between the business hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday (excepting state holidays). The official custodian shall provide a response to the records request that is postmarked or electronically transmitted within five (5) business days of the date the request is received. Notice promptly shall be sent to the requesting party if additional time is needed under KRS Chapter 61 to respond to the request. When a response is delayed, the official custodian will specifically indicate to the requester that additional time is required to process the request and explain the circumstances justifying additional processing time.

Copies of the public records of this agency shall be furnished to any resident of the Commonwealth of Kentucky requesting them, on payment of a fee of ten (10) cents a page, but electronic copies shall be provided via email whenever possible, at no cost. If providing electronic copies via email is not possible, the fee charged to the requester will not exceed the agency's actual costs of copying the record, including the cost of the medium on which it is copied and the cost of mechanically reproducing it, but not including staff costs. Copies of nonwritten records (photographs, maps, material stored in computer files or libraries, etc.) shall be furnished on request, on payment of a charge equal to the actual cost of producing copies of such records by the most economic process not likely to damage or alter the record.

Revised on July 1, 2021


Todd G. Allen, General Counsel and Designated Records Custodian

Erin Gaines
Office of Legal and Legislative Services
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