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Grant Management Application and Planning (GMAP)

Published: 5/23/2023 2:40 PM

The Grant Management Application and Planning (GMAP) system helps districts to maximize the use of their grant dollars from federal non-competitive programs.  This system allows school districts to apply for and manage grant applications.  It also provides monitoring, approval, and reporting functionality for KDE staff. 

The advantages of GMAP include:

  • Collaborative grant planning among the various grant programs in a single system;
  • A single point of communication between district personnel and KDE and the districts in the application review, approval and update processes, including a history of the communication;
  • Ongoing storage of and access to grant applications by year as well as by versions within each year;
  • Tracking of updates to applications by date, time and user;
  • Automated workflows so all people responsible for the application are “in the loop”;
  • Connection of grant applications to district planning; and
  • Integrated libraries containing help and resources related to the grants.
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