Current District Portrait of a Learner

Published: 7/9/2024 10:42 AM
​​​​​​​​​​​​Prior to KBE approving Kentucky’s PoL, many districts had their own Portraits of a Learner or Graduate in place and others may have been considering or developing a local PoL or Graduate to meet the needs of their communities. The state’s PoL was developed and approved for districts to adopt as is or utilize as a starting point for a district to develop their own version customized to meet local needs.

Access and explore locally-developed Portraits of a Learner from districts across Kentucky. Districts can ​complete the Local Portrait of a Learner Implementation Survey or email Sarah Snipes​ if interested in being added to the collection.

Allen County ​ ​                         ​ Barren County                          ​ ​​ Breckinridge County  ​

Bullitt County                   ​       Burgin Independent             ​     Campbell County             ​     ​

Caverna Independent             ​     ​ Christian County             ​     ​ ​Cloverport Independent             ​    

Danville Independent​             ​     ​ ​ ​Elliott County                             ​ ​ Fayette County​ 

Fleming County                      Fort Thomas Independent       ​​ Frankfort Independent   

Fulton County                         Grayson ​County                         Henderson ​County 

Hopkins ​County                      Jefferson ​County                       LaRue ​County 

Lewis ​County                          Logan ​County                            Marion ​County 

McCracken ​County                Muhlenberg ​County                 Pendleton ​County 

Powell ​​County                         Rowan ​​County                          ​ Russellville Independent 

Scott County                           Shelby County                           ​ Trigg County 

Washington County               ​ Webster County                       Williamstown Independent 

Woodford County ​


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