KETS Funding and Reporting

KETS Offers of Assistance

Published: 5/13/2024 2:07 PM

​​​KDE provides a yearly funding stream based on Adjusted Average Daily Attendance (AADA) as reported on the Superintendent's Annual Attendance Report (SAAR). Districts must match or escrow funds for up to three years. KRS 157.665 and KRS 157.655 establishes that in order to be eligible, districts are required to develop a plan for the expenditures of KETS funds, report on the use of these funds, and participate in the Kentucky Digital Readiness Survey on an annual basis.

​Technology Activity Report (TAR) instructions can be found under the MUNIS Guides tab from the KDE MUNIS page.  You can find a quick link to that page on the right side of the page.

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