KETS Funding and Reporting

KETS Funding and Reporting

Published: 8/2/2022 3:54 AM

​​Funding for education technology is made available to districts from state (KETS Offers of Assistance) and federal sources (E-Rate). Schools can use the District Technology Budget Planning Tool as a guide to develop and maintain a district technology plan and budget, using state and federal technology funds. 

Federal Funding 

  • The Universal Service program for schools and libraries, more commonly known as E-rate, is a federal initiative that provides discounts on telecommunications, Internet, and eligible internal connections to elementary and secondary schools and public libraries across this country. 


  • All public elementary and secondary schools, as well as most K-12 private and parochial schools are eligible for discounts under the E-Rate program. In addition, libraries that are independent of institutions of higher education are also eligible.  Colleges, universities, and their affiliated libraries, are not eligible to participate in the program; nor are daycare centers or after-school programs held off campus. 


State Funding

  • KDE provides a yearly funding stream based on Adjusted Average Daily Attendance (AADA) as reported on the Superintendent's Annual Attendance Report (SAAR). Districts must match or escrow funds for up to three years. KRS 157.665 and KRS 157.655 establishes that in order to be eligible, districts are required to develop a plan for the expenditures of KETS funds, report on the use of these funds, and participate in the Technology Readiness Survey on an annual basis. 

Technology Readiness Reports

  • The Technology Readiness Reports provide a snapshot of technology infrastructures throughout Kentucky schools and districts. Information represents data gathered from schools and districts throughout Kentucky as of June 30th each year. This data can be used to inform the tech planning process.

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